88% of marketers believe that referrals are one of
the best ways to acquire new customers.

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Referral Marketing Programs for eCommerce


Drive new business by inspiring your loyal shoppers to share your brand with their friends and family.

Referral Marketing Programs for Telecom


Leverage digital, verbal and mobile referral channels to dramatically scale your customer growth plans.

Credit Union

Credit Unions

Make every marketing dollar count. Attract new members to your community and reward existing members.

RewardStream Spark

Referral Marketing System

The Spark Referral Marketing System makes it quick and easy for marketers to incorporate digital, mobile, and word-of-mouth referrals into their customer acquisition and brand awareness mix.

Spark helps companies mobilize and activate customers, employees, and other influencers to share great offers with their friends, delivering more high value customers at up to half the cost of other typical acquisition methods.

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Total Protect
First Calgary
Wind Mobile

“A year since launching the Spark referral program, we have seen continued growth in the number of new customers. The referral program has proven to be a powerful way for our customer base to share Boost’s attractive deals and pricing with their friends and family members.”

– Boost Mobile


Ad Blocking – Why the sky is not falling

Why Ad Blocking isn’t the End of the World. For magazines and newspapers, the new millennium has been anything but easygoing so far. First, the rise of the internet more or less devastated print media. After steadily declining for years, average newspaper circulation took a massive nosedive in 2010. According to the Pew Research Center,…


Who’s blocking your ads? Ad blocking by age and gender

What are the Demographics of Ad Blocking? As marketers, we talk a lot about audiences and target demographics. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to design entire advertising campaigns based on that information. The age groups, income levels, and geographic locations of our target audiences can color everything about any given marketing campaign. This statement might be…


How is referral marketing looking for 2016?

Benchmark Report: How Is Referral Marketing Looking in 2016? RewardStream, in conjunction with Demand Metric, just hosted our webinar presenting the results of our 2016 referral marketing benchmark report. You can download and read the entire report here, and we thought we’d provide you with a quick summary of some of the findings. Get the…


2016 Referral Marketing Benchmark Report

Demand Metric and RewardStream conducted a study to learn about the current state of referral marketing, and have produced our 2016 referral marketing benchmark report. This follows up on a study completed in the fall of 2014, so this report can now share trend data about the interest in, evolution of and success with referral marketing. This report shares the findings and recommends some best practices based on the data.



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