Spark™ is a complete refer-a-friend solution

Spark is a powerful combination of software, promotion, and management tools that makes it quick and easy for marketers to incorporate digital, mobile, and word-of-mouth referrals into their customer acquisition and brand awareness mix. Spark helps companies mobilize and activate customers, employees, and other influencers to share great offers with their friends, delivering more high value customers at up to half the cost of other typical acquisition methods. Harness the power of word of mouth to boost awareness, prove ROI on word of mouth, and grow sales!

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54% conversion rate on referral leads

That’s right, for every 10 active referrers you’ll get 8 new customers! And we have programs with over a million members.

With your customers working for you, your sales team just keeps on growing!


*Based on the RewardStream Referral Marketing Index


People trust people

92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know.


15X more conversions with referral marketing

Compare conversions from email, affiliate, site visits, keyword searches, and referrals. Get an 80% conversion rate on referrers–that’s 15X more than the next most effective channel.


Promote your referral program—Get everyone involved!

From employees to customers to bloggers to sales reps, get everyone spreading the word about your brand! We give you the creative assets you need to promote your program via email, in your store, online, and across social media.

Add your refer-a-friend program to your brand’s Facebook page! Get customers referring right in store! Deploy your program in multi-languages!

Our goal? To make it quick and easy for you to activate your community!

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Social referrals

Refer via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or post personal links that can be shared anywhere. Spark makes it easy to get people sharing over social channels, while also closing the loop on their social referrals. You’ll know whether Facebook is an effective conversion channel, and you’ll know how many people their referral messages reach.

Go mobile!

Spark delivers a seamless consumer experience from any screen—be it desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. No matter what type of device, your Spark refer-a-friend program layout will adjust to provide the optimal user experience, dynamically moving CTAs and driving higher conversions on referrals.

True word of mouth

Spark supports the most popular and highest converting channel—verbal referrals. Whether chatting over coffee, on the phone, or at the office, your customers can share referrals and their friends can receive referral credits. We’ve got years of experience in making the world’s oldest and most trusted referral channel convert.

Keep engagement high—From first referral to final reward

From thanking them for referring to sending program reminders, every Spark refer-a-friend program includes regular emails to keep your program top of mind so customers won’t forget to put your brand in front of their friends! Spark also makes it easy to create a little sizzle and buzz with promotions—a great way to boost seasonal participation or get the program launched with a bang!

Stay in touch with email

From thanking them for making a referral to delivering a coupon, Spark comes with a full set of engaging emails to keep your program top of mind. Regular emails are a great way to reinforce to participants how much you appreciate that they’re promoting your brand.

Remind them of the benefits

Re-marketing emails remind program members of the benefits of your program. We make sure your referral program remains top-of-mind with participants who may have registered but not made any referrals yet or who haven’t been actively referring for a period of time.


Once your referral program is up and running, it’s a good idea to craft an engagement plan in line with your overall marketing plan. Keep your creative fresh with your hottest products and deals.

Reward participants with incentives that work

Referral programs work because they make it easy for people to share your brand with their personal networks. Add a brand-appropriate incentive and, not only will your supporters remember to share, but their friends will be much more likely to respond. Spark is flexible enough to handle a wide range of rewards, including account credits, coupons, gift cards, sweepstakes, digital rewards, prepaid debit cards, merchandise, experiential rewards, charitable giving, and much more. Not sure what to offer? No worries. We can advise.

Coupons & gift certificates

Coupons and gift certificates are a great way to encourage and reward making and accepting referrals. Spark supports a full range of couponing options, including electronic or in-store coupons, coupons off first purchase, as well as other mechanisms. We can easily tailor the offer to your unique needs.

Credits, rebates & merchandise

Credits, rebates and merchandise are great options for when you want to drive repeat purchase activity with a lower-margin reward. Give customers a credit against their first bill or a deposit in their new checking account.

Retail gift cards

With Spark, you can easily use your own gift cards as rewards. The cards can be fulfilled either physically or, if you have an ecommerce portal, virtually, so that participants are encouraged to visit your store to spend their reward. If you want, we can also work with any preferred partner of yours to offer third-party gift cards.

Visa® rewards cards

Delivered virtually or physically, prepaid Visa debit cards let you give qualifying participants a tangible, attractive reward with virtually unlimited shopping options. Branded to your identity, prepaid cards can create a strong “billboard in wallet” brand impression plus opportunities for data capture and cross-sell messaging.

Fully measure your results with complete analytics at your fingertips

Spark comes with easily accessible dashboards that provide you with powerful analytics so you can track a wide range of key performance indicators. Key dashboards include at-a-glance monitoring of core program metrics such as visitor stats (via Google Analytics integration), registered members, referral impressions, referral actions, referrals by channel, referral responses, and conversions.

You can easily analyze your most effective referral channel, best time of day and day of week for high-value referrals, and the dollar value of all your referred business. We help you find your most influential customers so you can make the most of these valuable relationships. As well, we provide you with a set of suspicious activity metrics that provide robust safeguards to keep your program safe from fraud and gaming, while still allowing participants to enjoy the referral experience.


Get real end-to-end support with total program services

We take care of all your program members–and you, too!

With every Spark program, you can choose the program management and member care package that suits your needs. You’ll have the satisfaction of a dedicated account manager who understands the ins and outs of your program and is there to address your ongoing questions, while our member care specialists will address all your program member inquiries—so you don’t have to!

Your referral program launch team includes referral marketing experts who will guide you in defining your program rules, developing strong branding and creative, and selecting the incentives that will resonate for your demographic. We’ll develop and manage your project so you have 100 percent visibility into your project every step of the way.

Once you’re up and running, we offer comprehensive account management services for program aspects such as copy and creative updates, data monitoring, and ongoing client meetings. Regular program reviews provide you with detailed performance insights as well as suggestions for optimizing your program against industry benchmarks.

Our dedicated client services team ensures your program participants get their questions answered quickly and courteously. We’ll help with any issues to ensure that participants stay positively engaged, including helping them understand program rules and eligibility requirements, or tracking down their rewards. We take care of everything—so you don’t have to.