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Integrated Referral Marketing – Digital and Offline – for Lowest Customer Acquisition Costs

In today’s ultra-competitive telecom market, providers are finding it a greater struggle than ever before to manage churn and attract loyal and profitable new customers.

Through an integrated online and offline approach, telecom referral programs provide opportunities for leveraging digital channels to help drive new customer acquisition by rewarding your best advocates.

Key Benefits for Telcos


Lowest cost of customer acquisition over other traditional and non-traditional marketing.


Increased customer satisfaction levels for higher customer lifetime value.


Telecom referral programs build the brand by providing a strong digital customer engagement experience.

Why RewardStream’s Telecom Referral Program?

True Word of Mouth – Online and Offline

Spark supports all social media and online communication channels, plus the most popular and highest converting channel—verbal referrals. Whether chatting over coffee, on a smart phone, or at the office, your members can share referrals and their friends can receive referral rewards when the timing is right for them.

Accessible Across All Devices

We deliver a seamless consumer experience to any screen: desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Regardless of device, our refer-a-friend program layout dynamically adjusts to provide the most optimal user experience and accessible from your secured customer account site or application through built-in integration points.

Full White-Glove Support

With every Spark program, you can choose the program management and member care package that suits your needs. You’ll have a dedicated account manager who understands the ins and outs of your program and your industry ensuring your program is taking advantage of all of the telecom referral best practices and features.

Telco Expertise

RewardStream is the leading Telco referral platform provider for a reason: our deep industry experience. With such features as off-line referral capture, simple “one-click” participant connection and SMS account validation, there’s a reason why the nation’s leading Telcos have trusted our solution for over the last 10 years.

Understanding Telco Referral Program Timing

90% of the participating referral program members register in the first three months after their initial purchase.

There is a 30 day window of opportunity after any referral where the referrer is most likely to refer again

Referrals take effect quickly! Leads typically act within 5 days of being referred

Allowing a grace period between sign up and product purchase even if the sign up happens after the product purchase is highly recommended for customer satisfaction

Leads that become customers will typically refer new leads themselves within the first 90 days. A strong first impression with your service is key!

Reducing the time lag between lead purchase and reward results in greater success

“Spectacular. We had a good program, but the wrong technology. With RewardStream, we now have the great marriage of a strong offer and a good technology product.”

– Michelle Lee, Boost Mobile