RewardStream is a referral marketing software solution that brings you new customers.

We help you host and manage your refer-a-friend programs. We deliver and maintain a SaaS solution for you that is completely branded and customized for you.

Reach out to us, and learn more about how we can bring you new customers.

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How it works

Contact us and we'll get you started

Step 1
Contact us and we’ll help get you started.

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Step 2
Define your program rules and rewards. Customize your landing pages and triggered emails.

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Step 3
Launch your new referral program and ask your advocates for referrals.

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Step 4
Monitor your program success and tune it to help your customers get the most from it.

How your advocates will refer their friends to you

Refer a Friend Soltion

Your customers can refer their friends to you by email, Facebook, Twitter and virtually every other social media channel. It’s like having a social recommendation engine. They can even refer their friends by text message or word of mouth, and it’s all trackable.  Our analytics show you how your program is performing, and who your top referrers are.


We help you prevent fraud, and can scale from small businesses up to large enterprises.  Some of our referral programs bring tens of thousands of new advocates into our clients’ brand each month.  So we can handle your business no matter how big it is.

We help marketers weave all types of referrals into customer acquisition strategies with a powerful mix of software, promotion, and management tools.

This proven method delivers highly qualified leads and valuable customers for up to half the cost per acquisition. We can help you boost brand awareness while you prove ROI on word of mouth.

How we are different

Dominate social channels

Make referrals via your favorite social media channels or share links that anyone can repost. Start social interactions while monitoring social referrals with RewardStream. You can measure and compare the results to see which social media platforms lead to the most conversions, and see exactly how many people your advocates’ social referral messages actually reach.

Leverage mobile

Deliver seamless consumer experiences across every device and screen size with RewardStream. Whether your participants are accessing their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, they will have a responsive digital experience, complete with dynamic CTAs to drive higher conversions on referrals.

Word of mouth works

RewardStream supports the oldest, most popular and highest converting channel of all—verbal referrals. Whether in the office lunch room, over the phone or chatting over a coffee, your customers can share referrals while their friends receive referral credits. We have years of experience in making the world’s oldest and most trusted referral channel convert.

How you keep your advocates engaged, and referring

The RewardStream system helps you promote consistent engagement with regular emails throughout the referral journey. From the first touchpoint, to thank you messages, program reminders, and reward notifications, customers won’t forget to put your brand in front of their friends.

Plus RewardStream lets you create special seasonal or one-time promotions when your refer-a-friend program needs a little boost.

Encourage referrals with engaging email reminders.

Remind them of the rewards

Re-marketing emails remind existing refer-a-friend members of their rewards for participating. Your referral program remains top-of-mind with members who may be interested, but slow to make referrals, or who haven’t referred anyone for a while. Little, consistent reminders keep the incentives fresh on customers’ minds.

Engage and promote

Once your referral program is running smoothly, it’s a good idea to craft an engagement plan that aligns with and reinforces your overall marketing plan. By keeping your creative fresh with your hottest products and deals, your referral team will stay engaged.

Use email to stay in touch

RewardStream comes with a full set of engaging emails to keep your program top of mind. Send a sincere thank you for referrals, and deliver the coupons and bonuses that motivate customers to participate. Regular, personalized emails let participants how much you appreciate their help promoting your brand, so they won’t get referral burnout.

Incentives that work

Add incentives that are appropriate to your brand and relevant to your advocates, and not only will your supporters remember to share, their friends will be much more likely to respond. RewardStream’s refer-a-friend software is flexible and comprehensive enough to handle a wide range of rewards, including account credits, coupons, gift cards, sweepstakes, digital rewards, prepaid debit cards, merchandise, experiential rewards, charitable giving, and much more. Referral programs work because they show customers you value them and care enough to invest in them.

Not sure what to offer? No worries. We’re here to help.

Coupons & gift certificates

Use coupons and gift cards to motivate and reward referrals. RewardStream supports nearly every type of coupon you could dream up, including electronic codes, in-store coupons, coupons off first purchase, and more. We are happy to tailor the offer to suit your unique needs.

Credits, rebates & merchandise

You can also choose to drive repeat purchase activity with lower-margin rewards, like credits, rebates and merchandise. Advocates may be motivated to participate in your referral program by the promise of a credit on their first bill or a deposit in their new checking account.

Retail gift cards

Use your own gift cards as benefits and incentives with RewardStream. Whether you want the cards to be fulfilled in person, or you want customers to use an ecommerce portal, RewardStream can easily make it happen. We can also work with your preferred partner to offer third-party gift cards.

Visa® rewards cards

Prepaid Visa debit cards give participants a tangible, attractive virtual or physical reward they can use almost any way they choose. Prepaid cards can carry your brand, creating a strong “billboard in wallet” brand impression, while providing opportunities for data capture and cross-sell messaging.

Meaningful analytics help you evaluate your results

Our refer-a-friend software comes with easily accessible dashboards that provide powerful analytics for you to track a wide range of key performance indicators. Key dashboards include at-a-glance monitoring of core program metrics such as visitor stats (via Google Analytics integration), registered members, referral actions, referral impressions, referrals by channel, referral responses and conversions.

Easily analyze your most effective referral channel, best time of day and day of week for high-value referrals and the dollar value of all your referred business. We help you find your most influential advocates to make the most of these valuable relationships. For the security conscious, we provide you with a set of suspicious activity metrics that provide robust safeguards to keep your program safe from fraud while still allowing participants to enjoy the referral experience.

Analytics help you tune your program for maximum efficiency

Real end-to-end support with total program services

We support all of your program members–and you, too.

We give you a dedicated account manager who understands your program inside and out. Choose the program management and member care package for your program that fits your business needs best. Your personal account manager will answer your questions whenever they arise. And our member care specialists will be there to address program member questions and concerns—so you don’t have to.

Real end-to-end support with total program services

You will be backed by a referral program launch team, made up of referral marketing experts to help you define program guidelines, develop effective branding and creative, and choose rewards and benefits that will catalyze your target market. Your RewardStream team will develop and manage your project so you have 100% visibility into your refer-a-friend program every step of the way.

We don’t disappear when you’re up and running. We stay actively involved with comprehensive account management services for everything from copy and creative updates, to data monitoring and ongoing client meetings. And we deliver detailed performance insights through ongoing program reviews, and advise you on optimizing your program against industry benchmarks.

Our dedicated client services team responds to your program participants quickly and professionally. We’ll help with any issues to keep participants happily engaged, and help them navigate program rules and eligibility requirements, or receive rewards quickly. It’s our job to take care of everything—so you don’t have to.

See What They Have to Say

  • RewardStream team’s flexibility to accommodate requests and program rules unique to Sprint’s referral program. RewardStream referral platform has the ability to launch promotions, track detailed referral analytics, and easily allow our customers to make referrals. Our customers’ privacy is very important to us and RewardStream was able to work with our Legal team to accommodate all the necessary procedures to ensure that everything is in compliance.

    Sprint Wireless
  • The team at RewardStream are very open to suggestions on customizing their platform for us and our members. The ease of use for our members has been fantastic and the process has been very user-friendly for our team.

    First West Credit Union
    First West Credit Union
  • We were delighted with the subject matter expertise that RewardStream brought to the table when helping us develop our referral program. The portal is as easy to use as Gmail.