Now’s the time to set up a customer referral program for your online store.

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With our Refer A Friend Shopify Plus extension, you can get up and running with a full featured, automated referral program within days. With RewardStream, you’re not just getting a software extension, you’re getting a team of referral marketing experts that’s obsessed with optimizing referral programs using best practices learned from operating some of the largest referral programs in North America.

Innovators that join the program will gain early access to the RewardStream app for Shopify Plus, as well as ongoing implementation and account support, free lifetime upgrades for the RewardStream Shopify Plus app and discounts on fees.

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Did you know that


of businesses rely on word of mouth referrals to acquire new customers yet only


of them actually have a system in place to generate them?

Awesome referral marketing programs will:


  • save time and money for busy marketers through automation
  • require minimal or no IT support
  • be easier and faster to set up than you think
  • have a positive ROI and bring new high value customers
  • have flexible mechanics to meet your business needs
  • provide valuable insights for conversation rate optimization
  • protect against fraud and “gaming” of the system

RewardStream has the easy and cost-effective solution you’ve been looking for.

We’ve generated over $300 million in new business for our clients.

Our programs have seen a 10% to 25% year-over-year growth in new customers from referrals.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Promote your referral program to get your customers to refer their friends.


  • Step 2:  Your customer sends a referral by email, social media, or their personal referral link.


  • Step 3: Their friend claims the referral and receives a unique offer code for their first purchase.


  • Step 4: Their friend applies the offer code during checkout and receives a discount.


  • Step 5: Your customer automatically receives a reward code towards their next purchase.

What if you could get a


conversion rate?



more than email, affiliate, site visits, or keyword searches!

Who is RewardStream?

RewardStream pioneered the referral marketing software space, providing enterprise-grade customer referral and loyalty solutions for Fortune 100 companies for nearly 15 years. We offer Shopify stores like yours a referral marketing partner you can trust and depend on. Our platform combines a flexible social recommendation interface with powerful referral life cycle tracking, and automated reward fulfillment.

We will work with all of our clients to set up, launch, and optimize program results to ensure you are successful. We assign all of our clients a customer success specialist to ensure our referral solutions meets your expectations. We release new versions of our platform on a monthly basis, ensuring continuous software improvements and ongoing support.

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Here’s how to get started today

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Step 1
We’ll provide you with code to enable the Refer-a-Friend app on your Shopify store, and enter your RewardStream credentials.

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Step 2
Define your program rules and rewards. Customize your landing pages and triggered emails.

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Step 3
Launch your new referral program and ask your customers for referrals.

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Step 4
Monitor your program success and tune it to help your customers get the most from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

A customer referral program is not a short-term campaign. It’s something that you consistently offer to your customers over time, to become part of your brand and customer experience. Referral programs increase customer loyalty by rewarding your customers’ positive brand advocacy.

Do you have a great product or service? Is it paired with a rock solid customer experience? Then a referral program is perfect for you. A referral will more likely occur if your customers have a positive experience and association with your brand.

Yes. A RewardStream onboarding specialist will be with you every step of the way during your set up process. If you have technical difficulties, our technical team will be there to troubleshoot any issues.

You are likely going to a see an initial spike of referral activity at launch from people who are interested in learning more, followed by modest growth. Promoting the program and ensuring it’s visible in your marketing materials, and throughout your product purchase cycle, will be key to spreading the word. After the launch, results will grow as you continue to promote the program and engage with your customers. As more and more customers start making referrals, you’ll begin to see increased referral rates.

Analyze your referral funnel. If customers are not sending referrals, maybe it’s because they don’t know about your referral program. If referrals are being sent but no one is responding to them, revisit your referral emails and landing pages to ensure the copy is clear and the program is accessible. If customer referrals aren’t being approved, perhaps your referral program rules are too strict and you should consider being more flexible with timelines and offers. We can help you with this. Continue to test and optimize your referral program before making a final verdict.

No. There are many free referral marketing extensions for Shopify that offer a standalone software extension.  RewardStream is a more complete solution, offering you a full end-to-end referral marketing solution that includes set up, launch, and program optimization. We’re not just a software vendor, we’re your marketing partner.

Simple Pricing

A fixed monthly fee plus revenue share on sales from referrals:

  • 3.5% revenue share on sales resulting from referrals (first purchase only)
  • a monthly fee that ranges from $49 per month to $499 per month

Why the range?

  • The range of pricing depends on your business needs, volume and size of transactions and the level of service and support that you need from us.
  • RewardStream can support both new startup e-commerce businesses and mature national retailers with high traffic.
  • Our goal is to ensure that your referral program is the lowest cost method to acquire new customers and our team will work to build a pricing plan that works for you and your business.

Members of our Innovator’s Program will receive substantial discounts off our standard pricing.