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People trust their friends, and like being rewarded by their favourite companies. That’s why friend referral programs like RewardStream get such great results.


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You can find our pricing here, and (for customers on WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento), here.

For our Starter and Business plans, there are no setup fees.  That’s right. We’ll help set up your program for you and get you kicked off.  If you need any custom integrations, or would like us to fulfill your rewards for you, there may be one-time setup fees ranging from $500 to $2,500.

Unfortunately not.  We should, but we don’t. Sorry.  Hopefully soon.  We know we need one.

It usually takes us just a few hours to configure a program for you, but generally we suggest that our customers allow a couple of weeks. It can take some time to finalize your creative elements, decide on your rewards, and get everything set up at your end.

We provide email support within hours during business hours (Pacific Timezone). For clients needing enterprise-grade support, we can optionally provide dedicated support personnel with weekly calls and monthly and quarterly program performance review.   We have a great knowledge base for you to get help. Our team is usually online in the evenings and on weekends, and so we have a pretty great track record of supporting our customers when they need help.

We support a variety of rewards, from simple discount coupon codes that we can issue for you (for dollar $ or percent % discounts off merchandise), to virtual and physical Visa/Mastercards or store-brand gift cards.  We can also issue reward fulfillment lists to you so that you can fulfill custom rewards yourself; like merchandise, account credits, or anything you can think of.

There’s a short answer: The bigger the reward, the more successful your referral program will be.  The longer answer: There is a direct correlation between the size of the reward and the number of new customers that will be referred to you.  It also depends on what items your customer really values.  If your product has a highly-prized inherent currency (like storage space for Dropbox), offering that currency as a reward can work as well.  That said, think about a reward that will offer your customer a significant incentive when compared to your product or service price.  It’s good to consider your customer lifetime value and average purchase size (e.g. Shopping cart size) when choosing a reward.   (It’s also important to take into account your net margins).  For example: If your average shopping cart size is $75, and your customer lifetime value is around $300, then a reward of $25 (or equivalent discount) for a referral is a good benchmark, but only if your margins are protected in the long term. If your transaction size is over $500 and lifetime value of your customer is in the $thousands, you might consider offering a reward of $100 for each referral. We can help you with this when you’re onboarding with us.  Offering very low value rewards can sometimes work, but the performance of your program will reflect it.

There are a number of ways to ensure that rewards are issued automatically to your advocates when a referred customer makes a purchase.  The best way is to use one of our e-commerce plugins to your online store, which will track referrals with simple discount coupon codes that can be redeemed at checkout. When a coupon is used, your referral program will be updated automatically and your advocate will be sent their reward without you lifting a finger.  Of course, not everyone has one of these platforms.  We support a simple interface that allows your team to record purchases    We can support batch processing of data using either our APIs or semi-automated file exchange, either which can ensure that your advocates are rewarded automatically.

Discount coupon codes present a simple way to track when referrals are successful and to reward your referral program members.  If you are using one of our e-commerce plugins, your RewardStream referral program can issue discount coupon codes to people being referred.  (So: Anne refers her friend Brian. Brian is interested, so clicks the referral link to get a code. That code is issued by our system and is unique to Anne’s referral to Brian. When Brian makes his first purchase in your store, he redeems his coupon code. The RewardStream plugin for your ecommerce platform will detect that specific code has been used, ensure that it is valid, and then notify your referral program. Anne will be issued her reward automatically.

Discount coupon codes are unique, one-time use codes. Codes are generated automatically by the RewardStream system.  They are only issued when the person being referred claims his or her offer.   When the code is redeemed in your e-commerce store, our plugin will detect its redemption and automatically mark it as redeemed in the referral program, ensuring that your advocates are rewarded quickly and automatically.

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